Dynamics of Physical Systems - Cannon, Robert H.

Dynamics of Physical Systems

Robert H. Cannon

Yayınevi: Dover

Yayın tarihi: 06/2003

ISBN: 9780486428659

İngilizce | 928 Sayfa | 131 mm x 220 mm

Tür: Fizik-Astronomi

  • 232,08 TL

With its emphasis on engineering concepts rather than mechanistic analysis procedures, this text offers a unique breadth. The fundamental concepts developed here constitute the common language of engineering, regardless of the area of application, making this text unusually applicable to a wide variety of courses and students. Undergraduate to graduate level.

Table of Contents:
Preface to the Dover Edition
1. Dynamic Investigation
A. Equations of Motion for Physical Systems
2. Equations of Motion for Simple Physical Systems: Mechanical, Electrical, and Electromechanical
3. Equations of Motion for Simple Heat-Conduction and Fluid Systems
4. Analogies
5. Equations of Motion for Mechanical Systems in Two and Three Dimensions
B. Dynamic Responses of Elementary Systems
6. First-Order Systems
7 Undampened Second-Order Systems: Free Vibrations
8. Damped Second-Order Systems
9. Forced Oscillations of Elementary Systems
10. Natural Motions of Nonlinear Systems and Time-Varying Systems
C. Natural Behavior of Compound Systems
11. Dynamic Stability
12. Coupled Modes of Natural Motion: Two Degrees of Freedom
13 Coupled Modes of Natural Motion: Many Degrees of Freedom
D. Total Response of Compound Systems
14. est and Transfer Functions
15. Forced Oscillations of Compound Systems
16. Response to Periodic Functions: Fourier Analysis
17. The Laplace Transform Method
18. From LaPlace Transform to Time Response by Partial Fraction Expansion
19. Complete System Analysis: Some Case Studies
E. Fundamentals of Control-System Analysis
20. Feedback Control
21 Evans' Root-Locus Method
22. Some Case Studies in Automatic Control
Appendixes. Problems
Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems
Selected References

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