Organic Chemistry 8E - Solomons, Graham T. W.

Organic Chemistry 8E

Graham T. W. Solomons

Yayınevi: John Wiley High Education

ISBN: 9780471417996

Yazar : Craig Fryhle

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Tür: Kimya-Kimya Müh.

A polished, reliable, and well-tested text that has been carefully refined over several editions, this classic title is well-known for presenting Organic Chemistry in a way that students can comprehend. The authors' clear writing and pedagogical innovations lead students to a mastery of the basic skills - problem-solving, visualization of structures, and understanding of mechanisms - that are essential for success in Organic Chemistry. Continuing in this tradition, the new edition will be student-friendly and motivating in its style while providing up-to-date coverage of fundamental concepts; it incorporates new technology and discoveries while retaining its hallmark strength of providing a straightforward and accessible approach to mastering Organic Chemistry.

Special attention has been given to updating the coverage of nanotechnology, materials science, "green" methods of synthesis, and developments in Biochemistry and medicine that relate to Organic Chemistry. In addition, modern methods of synthesis and interpretations of chemical phenomena are added and discussed in a manner that even beginning students will find accessible.

Table of Contents Carbon Compounds and Chemical Bonds Representative Carbon Compounds: Functional Groups, Infrared Spectroscopy, & Intermolecular Force An Introduction to Organic Reactions: Acids and Bases Alkanes: Nomenclature, Conformational Analysis, & An Intro to Synthesis Stereochemistry: Chiral Molecules Ionic Reactions - Nucleophilic Substitution & Elimination Reactions: Alkyl Halides Alkenes & Alkynes: Properties & Synthesis, Elimination Reactions of Alkyl Halides Alkenes & Alkynes II: Addition Reaction Spectroscopic Methods of Structure Determination Radical Reactions Alcohols & Ethers Alcohols from Carbonyl Compounds, Oxidation-Reduction & Organometallic Compounds Conjugated Unsaturated Systems Aromatic Compounds Reactions of Aromatic Compounds Aldehydes & Ketones I: Nucleophilic Additions to the Carbonyl Group Aldehydes & Ketones II: Enolates & Enols; Aldol & Alkylation Reactions Carboxylic Acids & Their Derivatives: Nucleophilic Substitution at the Acyl Carbon Synthesis & Reactions of a-Dicarbonyl Compounds: More Chemistry of Enolate Ions Amines Phenols & Aryl Halides: Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution Carbohydrates Lipids Amino Acids & Proteins Nucleic Acids & Protein Synthesis

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