Economics 7e with MyEconLab Student Access Kit - Parkin, Michael

Economics 7e with MyEconLab Student Access Kit

Michael Parkin

Yayınevi: Addison Wesley

Yayın tarihi: 08/2004

ISBN: 9780321253590

İngilizce | 828 Sayfa | Büyük boy  | 

Tür: Ekonomi

· New unifying theme introduces Parkin's 7th edition. Ten topics illustrate the big question, "Do choices made in the pursuit of self-interest also serve the social interest?" These questions explore widely discussed issues such as privatization, globalization, the new economy, the post 9/11 economy, corporate scandals, HIV/AIDS, disappearing tropical rainforests, water shortages, unemployment, deficits and debts. Parkin weaves this theme into the text, asking students to analyze the effect of this question on their everyday lives.

· Modern macroeconomics made accessible. Parkin achieves a serious yet accessible synthesis of the traditional Keynesian and monetarist theories with the new macroeconomics that emerged from the Lucas revolution.

· Modern microeconomics made accessible. Parkin places topics such as the principal-agent problem, public choice theory, and the economics of uncertainty and incomplete information within the grasp of the principles student.

· Parkin's Diagrams Show the Action. Parkin sets the standard for clear and meticulous diagrams. With a consistent and meaningful use of color, each and every figure has been designed with the study and review needs of students in mind. Graphs are paired with data tables, color-blended arrows show movement, diagrams are labeled with boxed notes, and extended captions provide study and review.

· New Reading Between the Lines show students how to apply economic concepts to the real world. This acclaimed critical thinking feature closes each chapter with an economic analysis of a significant news article from the popular press, together with a thorough economic analysis of the issues raised in the article.

· Opening Puzzlers. Each chapter opens with a one-page, attention-grabbing vignette that serves to motivate and focus the chapter.

· MyEconLab is an online suite of tools that helps students study efficiently and helps instructors save time. This text-specific supplement, which can be customized by instructors at their discretion, provides a wealth of powerful teaching and learning tools, including an eText, a study plan tool, graphing and math tutorials, daily news feeds, email help from the author, and access to archives from the New York Times and peer-reviewed journals. Preloaded test banks make it a snap for instructors to create homework and quizzes that they can assign to students. MyEconLab grades the assignments automatically and tracks them in an online gradebook.

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