DIGITAL DESIGN 2E - Mano, M. Morris


M. Morris Mano

Yayınevi: Prentice Hall

Yayın tarihi: 11/1990

ISBN: 9780132129947

İngilizce | 516 Sayfa | Büyük boy  | 

Tür: Elektrik-Elektronik

Digital Design-Electrical Engineering This popular introduction to digital design presents the basic tools for the design of digital circuits, and provides procedures suitable for a variety of digital design applications.

Analyzes the electronic circuits of the TTL, ECL, MOS and CMOS digital logic families. covers both synchronous and asynchronous sequential circuits with formal procedures for their analysis and design.

introduces the algorithmic and state machine (ASM) method of digital design with applications to design state machines.

presents the IEEE/ANSI standard graphic symbols for logic elements.

uses the map method to simplify procedures for implementing multilevel NAND and NOR circuits. includes laboratory experiments that can be performed with standard integrated circuits and other inexpensive hardware that is available commercially.

1. Binary Systems.
2. Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates.
3. Simplification of Boolean Functions.
4. Combinational Logic.
5. MSI and PLD Components.
6. Synchronous Sequential Logic.
7. Registers, Counters, and the Memory Unit.
8. Algorithmic State Machines (ASM).
9. Asynchronous Sequential Logic.
10. Digital Integrated Circuits.
11. Laboratory Experiments.
12. Standard Graphic Symbols.
Appendix: Answers to Selected Problems.

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