Economics 5e - Sloman, John

Economics 5e

John Sloman

Yayınevi: Prentice Hall

Yayın tarihi: 12/2002

ISBN: 9780273655749

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Written from a European perspective, this text acquaints students with basic microeconomics, macroeconomics and EU institutions and policy.

Table Of Contents
Introducing Economics
Supply And Demand
Government Intervention In The Market
Background To Demand
Background To Supply
Profit Maximizing Under Perfect Competition And Monopoly
Profit Maximizing Under Imperfect Competition
Alternative Theories Of The Firm
The Theory Of Distribution Of Income
Inequality, Poverty And Policies To Redistribute Incomes
Markets, Efficiency And The Public Interest
Applied Microeconomics
The National Economy
Unemployment And Inflation
The Open Economy
The Roots Of Modern Macroeconomics
Short-Run Macroeconomic Equilibrium
Money And Interest Rates
The Relationship Between The Money And Goods Markets
Fiscal And Monetary Policy
Aggregate Supply, Unemployment And Inflation
Long-Term Economic Growth And Supply-Side Policies
International Trade
The Balance Of Payments And Exchange Rates
Global And Regional Interdependence
Economic Problems Of Developing Countries. Appendices: Some Techniques Of Economic Analysis
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