Green Smoothie Retreat : A 7-Day Plan to Detox and Revitalize at Home - Boutenko, Victoria

Green Smoothie Retreat : A 7-Day Plan to Detox and Revitalize at Home

Victoria Boutenko

Yayınevi: North Atlantic Books

Yayın tarihi: 01/2015

ISBN: 9781583948606

İngilizce | 184 Sayfa | 15,19x22,91x2,01 cm.

Tür: Beslenme-Diyet  |  İçecekler

  • 87,71 TL

Expanding her role as a leader of the green smoothie revolution, Victoria Boutenko shares new ways to enjoy the powerhouse of nutrition available in greens with this informative, easy-to-use book. As a raw foods pioneer, Boutenko demonstrated how the bounty of minerals and nutrients in greens could be harnessed for delicious and convenient consumption in green smoothies. Her hundreds of recipes provide quick, tasty drinks that eliminate toxins, correct nutritional deficiencies, and boost energy. With Green Smoothie Retreat, the bestselling author draws on her rich experiences leading healing retreats to teach readers how to plan, implement, and share with friends and family their own green smoothie programs.
This handbook gives readers the information they need to organize fun, healthy adventures for themselves and those they care about. Enlivened by stories from Boutenko’s own retreats as well as testimonials from her participants, this guide includes recommendations for group activities, nutritional information, and recipes for a seven-day revitalizing retreat. Written for both beginner and experienced green smoothie enthusiasts, Green Smoothie Retreat provides both basic information and in-depth details about subjects such as the healing properties of greens, analysis of water, and vital nutrients that enhance health.

Table of Contents:

Part 1 Guide to Your Own Retreat

Chapter 1. Critical Thinking
Chapter 2. Your Body Is Able to Heal Itself
Chapter 3. Living in the Toxic World
Chapter 4. Best Source of Nourishment
Chapter 5. Detoxing is Healing
Chapter 6. Managing the Stress
Chapter 7. Educational Materials for Retreat
Chapter 8. Why Green Smoothies
Chapter 9. Fruit: to Eat or Not to Eat?
Chapter 10. Wild Edibles
Chapter 11. Choosing The Best Time for Your Retreat
Chapter 12. Creating a Restful Environment
Chapter 13. Why seven days
Chapter 14. Daily Schedule
Chapter 15. Keeping a Diary or Blog
Chapter 16. The Importance of Support
Chapter 17. The Cost of Produce for Your Retreat
Chapter 18. The Equipment for Your Retreat
Chapter 19. Variety and Quantity of Smoothies
Chapter 20. Re-entering the World

Part 2. Letters from Our Retreats’ Participants

Green Smoothie Baby
Type 2 Diabetes Reversed
Kerry, the Queen of Greens from Australia
Three Generations Benefited from Green Smoothies
Improved Vision and Vibrant Energy
Candida and Chronic Fatigue Reversed
The Doctor Said: “We won’t See Each Other Anymore.”
Green Smoothies are Satiating
Seven Days of Green Magic
Teacher Inspired Students to Drink Green Smoothies
Stomach Pains Completely Gone
I Feel Younger, Healthier, and Happier Than Ever.
Out of The Wheel Chair and Rheumatoid Arthritis Gone
From Mom to Daughter to Family to All People of Seattle: Drink Smoothies!
Sometimes It Takes Longer to Heal
Mom Put Son’s High School on Green Smoothies for a Year.
Part 3. Recipes
Sweet Green Smoothies
Green Soups
Green Puddings


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