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Distributional considerations are of central importance in the evolution of health care systems. Who gets served, who pays, and how, as a result, improved health is distributed, are among the pressing issues addressed in this volume. Health, Health Care and Health Economics: Perspectives on Distribution focuses on fundamental issues of equity or distribution in health care and health, and provides a stimulating and provocative discussion of the:
Persistence of inequalities despite policy interventions designed to remove economic barriers to access to care
Association between income and income inequalities on the one hand and health inequalities on the other
Under-emphasis on matters of distribution, relative to issues of efficiency, in much of the health economics research to date, and the potential policy distortions thereby created.
This volume will be an indispensable sourcebook for all health economists as well as health care policy makers and managers.

Table of Contents:
Abstracting from Distributional Effects, this Policy is Efficient (U. Reinhardt).
Disadvantaged Populations, Equity, and the Determinants of Health: Lessons from Down Under (D. Mayston).
Parents' Schooling and Investments in the Health Capital of Children - Multisample Estimates from Bangladesh and the Philippines (D. Bishai).
Measuring Income-related Health Inequalities in Sweden (U.-G. Gerdtham & G. Sundberg).
Micro-level Analysis of Distributional Changes in Health Care Financing in Finland (J. Klavus & U. Häkkinen).
Use of Insured Health Care Services in Relation to Household Income in a Canadian Province (C. Mustard, et al.).
Equity in the Finance and Delivery of Health Care: An Introduction to the ECuity Project (E. van Doorslaer & A. Wagstaff).
Vouchers and Choice: The Impact of MSAs on Medicare Beneficiaries (J. Rodgers & K. Smith).
Is Community Financing Necessary and Feasible for Rural China? (Y. Liu, et al.).
Inequality of Health Finance, Resources, and Mortality in Russia: Potential Implications for Health and Medical Care Policy (D. Chernichovsky, et al.).
A Needs-based, Weighted-capitation Formula in Support of Equity and Primary Health Care: A South African Case Study (J. Doherty & A. van den Heever).
Equity in Managed Competition (C. Schneider-Bunner).
If We Are Going to Get A Fair Innings, Someone Will Need to Keep the Score!(A. Williams).
Health Utility Indices and Equity Considerations (H. Bleichrodt).
How Ought Health Economists to Treat Value Judgments in Their Analyses? (A. Culyer).
Welfarism, Extra-welfarism and Evaluative Economic Analysis in the Health Sector (J. Hurley).
Economics, Communitarianism, and Health Care (G. Mooney).
The Desirability of Market-based Health Reforms: A Reconsideration of Economic Theory (T. Rice).
Toward a Healthier Economics: Reflections on Kem Bassett's Problem (R. Evans).

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