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    Koala Monti and the Trees

    Umut Kısa

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    Koala Monti and the Trees is the first book of the “universal values and principles” series. The series has two different aims. The first one is that it helps children to understand the connection between illustrations and fiction, so that they can have a chance to boost their sense of direction. Within the book, the images are constant and scripts are designed as stickers. Discussions held between parents and children could empower their mental development and critical thinking skills. Koala Monti and the Trees is also a fun activity book.
    The second benefit of the series is that ten universal values and principles are given through facilitation method so knowledge is transferred via metaphors. The bonding with the main character enables the reader to embrace the values.
    Koala Monti and the Trees provides the children the opportunity to set the connection between nature and animals on compassion, which means they will take only what they need from nature the make the world more sustainable as better citizens of it.

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    This book examines the Syrian crisis and exodus by focusing on the experiences of the dispossessed rather than the recipient states. Reintegration and resettlement after situations of mass displacement are generally long-term, multi-faceted and complex processes. Whether we are talking about acceptance in a new society as refugees, migrants, and guest workers, or returning home to postconflict situations, each scenario involves both specific physical challenges and difficult encounters with broader political communities. The debate presented here on precarity and statelessness in terms of systemic denial of access to rights, or, their selective attribution to Syrians on the move, allows us to reconsider the Syrian exodus in a new framework that links forced migration, labour studies, citizenship and rights debates rather than isolating the refugee experience.

    YAZAR HAKKINDA  NERGİS CANEFE   Nergis Canefe is a scholar trained in the fields of Political Philosophy, Forced Migration Studies and International Public Law with a special focus on human rights and state criminality. She has over twenty years of experience in carrying out in-depth qualitative research with displaced communities and teaching human rights in war-torn societies globally. Her research experience includes working with the Muslim and Jewish Diasporas in Europe and North America, refugees and displaced peoples in Turkey, Cyprus, India, Uganda, South Africa, Bosnia and Colombia. She is also specialized in international criminal and public law, with particular emphasis on crimes against humanity and critical approaches to transitional justice. Canefe joined York University in 2003 and has been a full-time faculty member, regularly teaching at departments of Political Science, Social and Political Thought, Socio-Legal Studies, Public Policy, and Administration and Law at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Prior to joining York, she worked at the London School of Economics, UK and Bilgi University and Bogazici University, Turkey as a faculty member. Her previous boks include Transitional Justice and Forced Migration (Cambridge University Press); The Jewish Diaspora as a Paradigm: Politics, Religion and Belonging (2014, Libra Press); Milliyetçilik, Kimlik ve Aidiyet [Nationalism, Identity and Belonging], (2006, Bilgi University); and Turkey and European Integration: Accession Prospects and Issues (2004, Routledge). Her scholarly articles appeared in Nations and Nationalism, Citizenship Studies, New Perspectives, Refugee Watch, Refuge, South East European Studies, Peace Review, Middle Eastern Law and Governance, Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies, and, Narrative Politics, as well as in several edited volumes.

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