CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY 10e : Introduction to Social Science - PERRY, JOHN A.

CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY 10e : Introduction to Social Science


Yayınevi: Allyn & Bacon

Yayın tarihi: 09/2002

ISBN: 9780205352630

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This best-selling text offers an overview of how the various social sciences perceive the world around us, emphasizing social change and how it impacts society.

Contemporary Society, Tenth Edition, uses a journalistic writing style, but does not skimp on scholarly data and references. The authors reinforce the idea that the transition from an industrial to a post-industrial order is fraught with difficulties, as was the transition from an agricultural to an industrial order. This framework also illustrates the increasing fragmentation of the social order, which leads people away from community and a common purpose to conflict and dissension.

Table of Contents
Each chapter concludes with "The Chapter in Brief," "Terms to Remember," and "Suggested Reading."
1. Through the Lens of Science.
2. In the Beginning.
3. Culture: Product and Guide to Life in Society.
4. Group Interaction: From Two to Millions.
5. Becoming a Person: The Birth of Personality.
6. Deviance and Criminality: The Need for Social Control.
7. The Great Divide: Ranking and Stratification.
8. Minority Status: Race and Ethnicity.
9. Minority Status: Age, Gender, and Sexuality.
10. From the Plow to the Computer: Change, Collective Behavior, and Social Movements.
11. Population, Urbanization, and Environment.
12. Pivotal Institutions: Marriage and The Family.
13. Pivotal Institutions: Religion and Education.
14. Government: The Institution and the Ideologies that Underlie It.
15. The Government of the United States of America.
16. Democracy in Action: We the People.
17. The Economy: Concepts and History.
18. Principles of Economic Behavior: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.
19. Nation Among Nations: Perspectives on International Relations.

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