DC : Women Of Action  - Fontana, Shea

DC : Women Of Action

Shea Fontana

Yayınevi: Chronicle Books

Yayın tarihi: 10/2019

ISBN: 9781452173948

Ciltli | İngilizce | 176 Sayfa | 11,30 x 26,70 x 1,80 cm.

Tür: Çizgi Roman

  • 149,45 TL
  • 229,92 TL

"Women of Action is a great way to learn about the progressive, inclusive storylines that have been quietly told for a very long time. There is a huge backlist of titles to catch up on. It's quite an inspiration to discover such an amazing back-catalog of characters and stories."

9 out of 10 stars "It is lovely to look at, but it's also got some serious history in here, things I didn't know, presented in easy to read formats that make it seem less like a reference work and more like reading some blog posts by a very knowledgeable author."
-Cultured Vultures

8 out of 10 stars "Every opinion within the pages of the book is by female creators, every piece of art drawn by female artists, and that gives the book a unique angle. [...] It's classy and crisp - an ideal introduction to the women of the DC universe."
-Starburst Magazine

4.5 out of 5 stars

"The pages on Supergirl and Lois Lane are really well written, and all profiles contain illustrations that have been created specifically for this book."
-Superman Homepage

"Showcases a slew of DC's best-known female characters while also putting a spotlight on the behind-the-scenes women who have developed DC's cast of characters over the past 75-plus years of comic book publishing."

"Shining a light on characters both good and bad, this is a great book that shows that these strong women don't always need powers to be super."
-Batman News.com

"DC: Women of Action is truly a celebration of women - the ones who inspire us on the page, the ones who are responsible for bringing those characters to life, and those who helped bring both together."

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