Inorganic Chemistry 6e - Weller, Mark

Inorganic Chemistry 6e

Mark Weller

Yayınevi: Oxford University Press

Yayın tarihi: 01/2014

ISBN: 9780199641826

Yazar : Tina Overton Jonathan Rourke Fraser Armstrong

Karton Kapak | İngilizce | 912 Sayfa | Büyük boy  |  21,79x27,41x3,2 cm.

Tür: Kimya-Kimya Müh.

  • 1752,38 TL

Written by an experienced and research-active author team, the unique three part structure of this text provides comprehensive coverage of inorganic chemistry from fundamental theory through to cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, making this text the ideal companion for the duration of a student's degree. A comprehensive pedagogical framework is provided to support students, including 'notes on good practice', 'brief illustrations', 'context boxes', and 'key points'. Numerous worked examples, self-test questions, exercises, and tutorial problems encourage students to develop vital problem-solving skills. The artwork, which has been extensively refreshed for this edition, illustrates the impressive diversity of inorganic compounds and enables students to truly visualise the subject. The book is accompanied by a comprehensive Online Resource Centre, which includes videos of chemical reactions, answers to exercises from the book, web links, and other useful resources for both students and lecturers.

New to this edition

A completely new chapter on inorganic chemistry in medicine expands upon the biological inorganic chemistry previously included. Substantial changes to the Foundations section have been made, with clearer descriptions of many introductory topics and the inclusion of more descriptive transition metal chemistry. More self-test questions have been added, to enable students to check their understanding of key concepts. The text is augmented by a wider range of innovative online resources, with structures and figures from the book linked to resources on www.chemtube3D.com More cross references have been added in order to help students make connections between core topics.Leading the reader from the fundamental principles of inorganic chemistry, right through to cutting-edge research at the forefront of the subject, Inorganic Chemistry, Sixth Edition is the ideal course companion for the duration of a student's degree.

The authors have drawn upon their extensive teaching and research experience in updating this established text; the sixth edition retains the much-praised clarity of style and layout from previous editions, while offering an enhanced Frontiers section. Exciting new applications of inorganic chemistry have been added to this section, in particular relating to materials chemistry and medicine. This edition also sees a greater use of learning features to provide students with all the support they need for their studies.

Providing comprehensive coverage of inorganic chemistry, while placing it in context, this text will enable the reader to fully master this important subject.

Online Resource Centre:

For registered adopters of the text:
· Figures, marginal structures, and tables of data ready to download
· Test bank

For students:
· Answers to self-tests and exercises from the book
· Videos of chemical reactions
· Tables for group theory
· Web links
· Interactive structures and other resources on www.chemtube3D.com

Readership: Undergraduates at all stages of their Bachelors or Masters chemistry degree programmes. The text is also a useful reference for postgraduates and researchers.

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