Muhammad ( SAW) : 1001 Universal Appreciations & Interfaith Understanding & Peace - Lais, Dr Mohammed Abul

Muhammad ( SAW) : 1001 Universal Appreciations & Interfaith Understanding & Peace

Dr Mohammed Abul Lais

Yayınevi: 1001appreciations

Yayın tarihi: 09/2016

ISBN: 9780993037542

İngilizce | 472 Sayfa | 15,24x22,86x3 cm.

Tür: Din / İslamiyet

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(You could also visit to know what the Lords, MPs, priests from diverse backgrounds etc. have said about the book at the House of Lords) Currently there is much tension between Muslims and the West. Misconceptions about Islam are rife and many have falsely equated Muhammad’s (Peace be upon him) teachings with violence and terrorism. Furthermore, many youth are being misled due to this misinformation. To tackle this situation, I have conducted a research and written the book with 1001 non-Muslim appreciations for Muhammad (PBUH). I have reviewed appreciations for the Prophet by non-Muslims across history and also studied the opinions of HRH Prince Charles and many contemporary MPs, Lords, Priests, Rabbis and Pundits regarding the life of the Prophet. Through the eyes of non-Muslims, the book uncovers the truth about Muhammad (PBUH), clarifies the reasons for misunderstanding about him, and highlights his teachings which encourage interfaith harmony and social cohesion. Many Muslim and Non-Muslim scholars have expressed that the book is very timely and would work tremendously towards clarifying the misinformation about the prophet and Islam at a global level amongst non Muslims. Furthermore, it will help Muslims in modelling his behaviour and build bridges between them and others and thus ease existing tensions. This is the second edition. The book remains largely the same, with some sections tightened up and moved for greater clarity, and some corrections made to assist in readability. Keywords: Prophet, Muhammad, Honesty, Simplicity, Patience, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Care, Compassion, Unity, Interfaith, Peace.

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