Night Police : Beyond The Line Of Duty - Berg, Chris

Night Police : Beyond The Line Of Duty

Chris Berg

Yayınevi: BookBaby

Yayın tarihi: 03/2020

ISBN: 9781543996869

Yazar : James Smith

İngilizce | 286 Sayfa | 22,8 x 15,2 cm

Tür: Polisiye

  • Temin Süresi 65 - 45 iş günü


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 This first book in THE NIGHT POLICE series is a no-holds-barred, unflinching fictionalized version of real events the authors experienced firsthand during their time in law enforcement. A gritty, true-crime-inspired collection of thematically linked short stories where you'll meet the dangerous men that are The Night Police. Listen in as real-life urban policing is exposed amongst a union of hardened lawmen. Written by two who have been there, The Night Police will uncover the true lives that few could imagine, let alone choose to live. Meet the rebel trooper Max Golden, the common thread in a dark journey from which not one of these men will escape unscathed. Max isn't content to spend his career as a humble, rule-following civil servant. Refusing to seek danger isn't his style. And in the squalid, crime-ridden streets of Bristol City, he finds danger in spades. Dope deals gone bad, street brawls, murder and more keep him and the other members of The Night Police bonded tightly together in their self-made fraternity. Escape, when it's needed, is found in the dark and nondescript Solly's Tavern, where on one particularly damp, cold evening in 1991, this down-at-the-heels saloon hosts four of the Night Police for a cathartic night of drinking. The plan is to let loose and forget for a few hours, but the swapping of increasingly graphic tales leads to the unfolding of a stunning revelation. Will it change the course of their lives and careers? This is a chronicle of the camaraderie that helped shield them from the intense pressures of urban policing. It tells the real stories, with the authentic voice of those who lived to reveal the truth. In true ripped-from-the-headlines fashion, the stories related in this book may seem improbable but are all based on true events. The Night Police provides truth and insight into the demons behind the badge. And for those of you in law enforcement, The Night Police will have special meaning for anyone who has ever worked the streets, dealt with informants and lived the life on that razor's edge.

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