Organizational Behavior 11e PIE  - Robbins, Stephen P.

Organizational Behavior 11e PIE

Stephen P. Robbins

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 12/2004

ISBN: 9780131298583

İngilizce | 672 Sayfa |

Tür: Sosyoloji  |  Psikoloji

With its conversational writing style, cutting-edge content, current examples, the three-level integrative model, dialogues, pedagogy, and comprehensive supplement package, Organizational Behavior remains the global textbook, used by more students than any other since 1979. The current edition retains all of the best features of the previous editions, yet adds much more: contemporary issues and research have been included into a seamless, whole, and comprehensive text.


Conversational writing style; Maintains the tradition of the previous editions, providing students with an interesting, student-friendly, and very readable text.

Cutting edge content; Gives students contemporary topics such as spirituality, emotions, trust, and the big five personality model. Examples; Packed full of recent real-world examples drawn from a variety of organizations in order to help students gain a better understanding of concepts.

The three-level model of analysis; Begins with individual behavior, moves to group behavior, and then adds the organization system. This give students a valuable insight into the full complexity of organisational behaviour.

“Point-Counterpoint” Dialogues; Allows readers to see both sides of an OB controversy. Stimulates students’ critical thinking skills, while allowing instructors to start interesting class discussions. Pedagogy; Provides the most complete assortment of in-text pedagogy available in any OB book. Gives students review and critical thinking questions, team exercises, ethical dilemma exercises, and case applications. The supplement package provides the most comprehensive teaching and learning support package available.

1. What Is Organizational Behavior?
2. Foundations of Individual Behavior
3. Values, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction
4. Personality and Emotion
5. Perception and Individual Decision Making
6. Basic Motivation Concepts
7. Motivation: From Concepts to Applications
8. Foundations of Group Behavior
9. Understanding Work Teams
10. Communication
11. Basic Approaches to Leadership
12. Contemporary Issues in Leadership
13. Power and Politics
14. Conflict and Negotiation
15. Foundations of Organization Structure
16. Organizational Culture
17. Human Resource Policies and Practices
18. Organizational Change and Stress Management
Appendix A: Research in Organizational Behavior
Appendix B: Careers and Career Management Skill Building Manuals

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