Professional Ethics and Civic Morals 2e - Durkheim, Emile

Professional Ethics and Civic Morals 2e

Emile Durkheim

Yayınevi: Routledge

Yayın tarihi: 11/1992

ISBN: 9780415062251

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In Professional Ethics and Civic Morals Durkheim outlined the core of his theory of morality and social rights which was to dominate his work until his untimely death in 1917. Durkheim saw sociology as a science of morals which are objective social facts: these moral regulations form the basis of individual rights and obligations. The book is crucial for understanding Durkheim's sociology, because it contains his much neglected theory of the state as a moral institution. It is also essential for understanding his critique of anomie and egoistic individualism. The growing interest in cultural revolution and moral regulation associated with recent contributions to historical sociology, make this second edition of Durkheim's classic work especially timely. It shows that Durkheim had worked out a position on the modern state which is a genuine rival to the Marxian and Weberian traditions. Durkheim's stress on the moral regulation of everyday life concentrates on current concerns with individual freedom and the contours of permissible behaviour. It is an essential resource in understanding the state and society and a crucial work in modern social theory.

Table of Contents
Preface by H.N. Kubali
Preface to the Second Edition by Bryan S. Turner
Introduction by Georges Davy
1. Professional Ethics,
2. Professional Ethics (continued),
3. Professional Ethics (End),
4. Civic Morals - Definition of the State,
5. Civic Morals (continued) - Relation of the State and the Individual,
6. Civic Morals (continued) - The state of the Individual - Patriotism,
7. Civic Morals (continued) - Form of the State - Democracy,
8. Civic Morals (continued) - Form of the State - Democracy
9. Form of the State - Democracy,
10. Duties in General, Independent of any Social Grouping - Homicide,
11. The Rule Prohibiting Attacks on Property,
12. The Right of Property,
13. The Right of Property (continued),
14. The Right of Property (continued),
15. The Right of Contract,
16. Morals of Contractual Relations (continued),
17. The Right of Contract (end), 18. Morals of Contractual Relations (end), Index

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