Prussian Blue: Bernie Gunther Thriller 12 - Kerr, Philip

Prussian Blue: Bernie Gunther Thriller 12

Philip Kerr

Yayınevi: Penguin US

Yayın tarihi: 10/2017

ISBN: 9780735218413

İngilizce | 13,90 x 20,80 x 3,90 cm.

Tür: Polisiye

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Okay, first things first. New readers of British author Philip Kerr "Bernie Gunther" series can actually read any of last 9 books in any order they want. (The first three, based in Berlin pre-WW2, should be read first, however). Kerr places Kripo man Gunther in any setting, in any year. You may find a book with Bernie in France in 1956, Cuba in 1951, Munich in 1948, etc. Bernie Gunther is, in general, a down-on-his luck ex-cop, ex SD-man, fleeing from his wartime activities and his post-war hideouts.

In Kerr's newest book, "Prussian Blue", Gunther is placed in 1956 (with flashbacks to the late 1930's) and he is on the run from GDR official Erich Mielke (Kerr often uses real people, mixed in with the fictional), who wants him to commit a murder for him. It's a rather convoluted murder and is associated with the previous novel, "The Other Side of Silence", in the series. (You don't need to have read "Other Side of Silence" to understand this book.) Now, Gunther is no fan of the GDR - the living standards aren't what Bernie is used to and today's Stasi offical is often yesterday's Gestapo bully-boy. Bernie's trying to avoid both.

The book also sets Bernie in April 1939 when he is ordered by Reinhard Heydrich to investigate a possible murder at Hitler's retreat at Berchesgarden. (Curiously, Philip Kerr writes about the use of Pervitin, which was a kind of meth developed by the German pharmaceutical firm Temmler, and widely distributed in Germany to ramp up energy of the military and industrial workers. It was the subject of a new work of non-fiction, "Blitzed", by Norman Ohler)

As the book continues, the two cases as well as some others, come together to make a complete story. As usual, Philip Kerr's plotting is meticulous and brings his readers to another excellent story. And we'll wait for next year's book in the series!

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