Social Psychology 4E    - Aronson, Elliot

Social Psychology 4E

Elliot Aronson

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 01/2001

ISBN: 9780130288646

Yazar : TIM WILSON Robin Akert

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Tür: Psikoloji

Intended for an undergraduate introductory level course in social psychology, this text uses a story-telling approach to convey the science of social psychology. Its aim is to help students understand the whole context of the field - how theories inspire research, why research is performed as it is, and how further research triggers new avenues of study - and how all of this impacts their everyday lives.

It incorporating real-life vignettes and "mini" stories within every chapter that include detailed descriptions of classic and modern experiments, and describe an example of a real-life phenomenon.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to Social Psychology.
2. Methodology: How Social Psychologists Do Research.
3. Social Cognition: How We Think about the Social World.
4. Social Perception: How We Come to Understand Other People.
5. Self-Knowledge: How We Come to Understand Ourselves.
6. Self-Justification and the Need to Maintain Self-Esteem.
7. Attitudes and Attitude Change: Influencing Thoughts and Feelings.
8. Conformity: Influencing Behavior.
9. Group Processes: Influence in Social Groups.
10. Interpersonal Attraction: From First Impressions to Close Relationships.
11. Prosocial Behavior: Why Do People Help?
12. Aggression: Why We Hurt Other People.
13. Prejudice: Causes and Cures. Social Psychology in Action 1: Social Psychology and Health. Social Psychology in Action 2: Social Psychology and the Environment. Social Psychology in Action 3: Social Psychology and the Law

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