Training in Interpersonal Skills 3e PIE - Robbins, Stephen P.

Training in Interpersonal Skills 3e PIE

Stephen P. Robbins

Yayınevi: Pearson Education

Yayın tarihi: 10/2003

ISBN: 9780131227866

Yazar : Phillip L. Hunsaker

İngilizce | 437 Sayfa |

Tür: İş Yönetimi

Training in Interpersonal Skills (TIPS) was one of the first interpersonal-skills training packages for management students. Since its original publication, college and university management faculty have increasingly come to recognize the importance of developing interpersonal skill competencies in their students. Dr. Milton Blood, a former professor and now an executive with the Association for Management Education, explains why management skills training has gained in popularity over more traditional theory building: *Leadership sounds like an applied topic, but its classroom presentation can leave students no better prepared to lead...~The business school graduate needs to lead, not trace the history of leadership research. (Similarly) the graduate needs to motivate, not compare and contrast six different theories of motivation. *By developing and practicing the interpersonal skills in this book, students can learn to lead and motivate others. In addition, they will master other vital interpersonal skills in the areas of communication, team building, and problem solving.

Table of Contents
1. Skills: An Introduction.
2. Self-Awareness.
3. Sending Messages.
4. Listening.
5. Providing Feedback.
III. MOTIVATING.6. Goal Setting.
7. Clarifying Expectations.
8. Empowering People.
9. Politicking.
10. Persuading.
11. Leadership Style.
12. Promoting and Managing Resistance to Change.
13. Building Teams.
14. Running Meetings
15. Resolving Conflicts.
16. Negotiating.
17. Integrating Interpersonal Skills.References.

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