Two Regimes of Madness : Texts and Interviews 1975-1995  - Deleuze, Gilles

Two Regimes of Madness : Texts and Interviews 1975-1995

Gilles Deleuze

Yayınevi: Semiotext(E)

Yayın tarihi: 03/2007

ISBN: 9781584350620

Yazar : David Lapoujade

İngilizce | 400 Sayfa | 228 x 153 mm

Tür: Genel Felsefe

  • 113,98 TL

This volume contains texts and interviews from the period that saw the publication of Deleuze's major works.Covering the last twenty years of Gilles Deleuze's life (1975-1995), the texts and interviews gathered in this volume complete those collected in "Desert Islands and Other Texts" (1953-1974). This period saw the publication of his major works: "A Thousand Plateaus" (1980), "Cinema I: Image-Movement" (1983), "Cinema II: Image-Time" (1985), all leading through language, concept and art to What is Philosophy? (1991)."Two Regimes of Madness" also documents Deleuze's increasing involvement with politics (with Toni Negri, for example, the Italian philosopher and professor accused of associating with the Red Brigades). Both volumes were conceived by the author himself and will be his last. Michel Foucault famously wrote: "One day, perhaps, this century will be Deleuzian." This book provides a prodigious entry into the work of the most important philosopher of our time. Unlike Foucault, Deleuze never stopped digging further into the same furrow. Concepts for him came from life. He was a vitalist and remained one to the last. This volume restores the full text of the original French edition.

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