Village by the Sea - Desai, Anita

Village by the Sea

Anita Desai

Yayınevi: New York Review of Books

Yayın tarihi: 04/2019

ISBN: 9781681373515

İngilizce | 276 Sayfa | 13,18 x 19,38 x 0,00 cm.

Tür: 7-10 Yaş Okuma Kitapları

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A classic survival story by one of India's most acclaimed authors, set in a quiet village outside of Bombay about two siblings who struggle to maintain their family's bond in difficult times

The Village by the Sea is an exciting and moving story about life in a small Indian village and life in the unimaginably big city of Bombay. The main characters are thirteen-year-old Lila and Hari, her brother, who is a year younger. As the book begins their life is one of almost unendurable hardship and sorrow. Their mother is sick and has to be looked after constantly. Their father is out of work, and all he does is drink. There are only the two kids to tend to their mother and restrain their father, and to try to find a little food for their parents and younger sister and themselves. Money ran out a long time ago, and their father isn’t someone to invite anyone’s goodwill. The task Lila and Hari face is not just unendurable; it is impossible.

Then Hari goes to Bombay. At first he is lost and scared, but before long he finds his footing and a way to make some money. Soon he has a plan and, together with Lila, he might be able to pull their family through to a new life.

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